Free delivery in Switzerland

Free delivery in Switzerland

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Rote Fischernetze mit durchsichtigen Buchstaben: FAQ
Rote Fischernetze mit durchsichtigen Buchstaben: FAQ


The Fischnetz With Benefits

Dish sponges are a household essential for many people around the world. Fortunately, there are now many sustainable alternatives to plastic dish sponges available.

Fischnetz with Benefits are the best eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic dish sponges.

The Fischnetz are upcycled from used fishing nets, which makes them durable, strong and long-lasting. One Fischnetz lasts for many years and replaces 30 - 40 sponges per year.

In contrast to kitchen sponges, they dry quickly and do not allow germs to grow in them, which makes our Fischnetz very hygienic.

Get your Fischnetz and join our dish washing revolution 🤓

✅ Yes, it is washable.

You can easily machine-wash the Fischnetz or put it into the dishwasher.

From our experience, it does not need to be machine-washed or put into the dish-washer. The Fischnetz with Benefits does not act as a reservoir for microorganisms, because it does not soak water and dries quickly. Every time you use it, you actually wash it.

1) Wet your Fischnetz 💦
2) Add a little dish-cleaning soap 💧
3) Crumple your Fischnetz to make foaming bubbles 🙌
4) Scrub and wash 🛁
5) Rinse Fischnetz and hang it 💦
6) Use again (even before it fully dries) ❤️

Fischnetz with Benefits are extremely durable and strong.

✅ You can use your Fischnetz for multiple years.

Your Fischnetz With Benefits came to you with a hole in it 😊

This is normal as our nets are upcycled from used fishing nets, which can have holes. Some nets have hardly any signs of wear, while others show a little more. This is because we buy the nets as a whole (up to 30 meters long and wide) and then cut them to the desired size.

✅ But don't worry, our experience and the feedback from our customers show that:

➡️ These holes do not get bigger during dish-washing.
➡️ No new holes appear (only after a few years).
➡️ Your Fischnetz will last for several years despite the hole(s).

Absolutely, you can! 🌟

We understand your skepticism – many of our customers were initially the same way. But let us assure you: Fischnetz With Benefits are excellent for washing dishes.

See for yourself what other customers have to say after their initial doubts (all translated from German):

👉 Michael wrote: «I was interested in trying out a new 'sponge', but my wife was sceptical about this fishing net. Now we're buying three more... as gifts for the family. Surprisingly, it works very well, doesn't smell, dries quickly and cleans almost better than a normal sponge. Simply TOP!!!»

👉 M. K. said: «Even my husband, who was a little sceptical at first, mainly because of the unusually long and narrow cut (you get used to the shape very quickly), is now completely happy with the product. So double thumbs up from us and an absolute recommendation to buy.»

👉 Corinne wrote: «At first I was sceptical as to whether a fishing net could replace a conventional sponge. Conclusion: I am delighted. Cleaning works just as well and I can continue to make a contribution to reducing plastic waste!»

So, set your skepticism aside and give it a try! These experiences from our customers speak for themselves. 😊🌿

💡 By the way, you can find all Fischnetz With Benefits reviews here ⭐.

Some fishing nets that we use for up-cycling may have a fish smell initially. 🐟 This scent is a natural characteristic of used fishing nets and can vary from net to net.

💧🛀🏽✨ Rest assured, we wash our Fischnetz thoroughly after obtaining them, and with regular use, any residual smell tends to dissipate over time.

The more you use it, the less noticeable the scent becomes. If you have any concerns, feel free to give it a couple of uses, and you'll likely find the smell diminishes significantly.

Die waschbare Alternative zum Küchenschwamm - Fischnetz with Benefits - mit Schaum in einer Küchenspüle.

Fischnetz With Benefits do not scratch the surfaces of your dishes, tableware or glasses! ✨

The inclusion of small knots in the Fischnetz enhances its cleaning ability, making it ideal for various surfaces, including glass and delicate materials. Fischnetz With Benefits provide excellent cleaning performance without causing scratches.

Enjoy streak-free cleaning without worrying about damage.

Fischnetz With Benefits clean effectively, and any leftover food particles can typically be rinsed off easily during dishwashing. After washing your dishes, give the Fischnetz a good rinse under running water to remove any remaining debris. 🛁✨

The net's open structure and little knots provide an excellent cleaning surface without trapping food. In case anything persists, simply shake the Fischnetz when it's dry to dislodge any residual particles. This ensures that your Fischnetz stays clean and ready for the next use.

Behind the scenes

➡️ TheFischnetz With Benefitsis not microplastic-free.

✅ However, unlike conventional plastic sponges, it does not dissolve during use or cleaning, but retains its shape and durability for several years. This indicates that very little microplastic is released. The exact amount can only be confirmed by laboratory tests.

🌊🇲🇦 Our fishnets are sourced from coastal regions in Morocco, primarily Essaouira and Casablanca. These cities have a strong fishing heritage that's central to their culture and economy.

✅ Upcycling these nets promotes sustainability and helps protect the environment and the ocean.

💪🏼 We are proud to incentivise Moroccan fishermen not to lose or dispose of their nets in the ocean.

💡 By the way, you can find more information about upcycling fishing nets here.

➡️ Fischnetz with Benefits is founded and managed by Oli and Jii, life partners 👫 based in Zurich, Höngg.

👨‍🔬🏄‍♂️ Oli is a surfing scientist with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from ETHZ, while 🗣️ Jii has a background in marketing, management, and communication with a Master's degree from Toulouse Business School.

❤️ Together, they are passionate about creating sustainable and long-lasting products that have a positive impact on the environment.

💡 Here, you can get more information about the founders.

No, such nets have been used in Moroccan households for decades. There they already replace millions of kitchen sponges.

We were not able to find such nets anywhere in Europe.

Our goal is to replace millions of dish sponges with Fischnetz with Benefits in European households too.

Delivery and Returns

We deliver to Switzerland, Lichtenstein and the USA.

📬 Deliveries in Switzerland and Lichtenstein 📬
Free Delivery! Fischnetz with Benefits is happy to pay for your delivery costs.

Once it is dispatched, you should receive your Fischnetz within 2-3 working days in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. 

📬 Deliveries to the USA 📬
Shipping costs to the USA are 4 CHF (4 USD). 

Once it is dispatched, you should receive your Fischnetz within 11-15 working days. 

💡 Our Fischnetz is shipped properly packaged per PostPac Economy by Swiss Post 💛📦

Orders placed on our website are processed within 1-2 days.

Hard to believe, but we have a Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked 🤓

You have 90 days after receiving your item to request a return 🔙

Your Fischnetz with Benefitscan be worn or used, no problem 👍

To start a return, you can contact us at

We will notify you once we’ve received your return. You’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method within 10 business days.

Zwei Hände spülen mit einem Fischnetz einen Teller in der Küche. Teller und Hand sind mit Schaum bedeckt.

Kitchen Sponges

Researchers suggest a regular replacement of dish sponges on a weekly basis.

Used dish sponges are bacterial hot spots. Their inner surface is extremely large due to the numerous pores offering microorganisms plenty of room to grow.

People believe that boiling or microwave treatment reduces the bacterial load in sponges.
Quite the contrary, these sanitation methods can actually increase the concentration of the Moraxella osloensis bacterium, that is assumed to be responsible for the bad kitchen sponge smell, as shown by Professor Markus Egert and his researchers.

✅ Our Fischnetz with Benefits, on the contrary, do not hold bacteria as they do not act as a reservoir for microorganisms. Therefore they can be used for many years.

A sponge that can dry completely between uses does not hold bacteria.

Most kitchen sponges are made of foam, such as polyurethane. The sponge's inner surface is extremely large due to the porous structure. This offers microorganisms plenty of room to grow.

✅ Our upcycling Fischnetz dish sponges are not porous and do not soak water. Air can flow through their diamond mesh structure which makes them dry quickly. They do not act as a reservoir of microorganisms and do not hold bacteria.

❌ No, traditional dish sponges are not environmentally friendly.

They are made from non-biodegradable synthetic materials and often treated with harmful chemicals. Each year, millions of dish sponges end up in landfills, contributing to the plastic waste crisis.

In Switzerland alone, approximately 60 – 126 million dish sponges are used and discarded annually. Considering the recommended spongereplacement frequency of every 1 – 2 weeks, households use 20 - 40 sponges per year.

💪🏽 Absolutely! Eco-friendly dish sponges offer effective cleaning options, although the scouring capabilities may vary among different alternatives.

While options like silicone and natural fiber sponges may not provide strong scouring power, there is an exceptional solution: upcycled Fischnetz with Benefits.

These eco-friendly sponges are not only highly sustainable but also incredibly durable and excellent scourers. With upcycledFischnetz with Benefits, you can confidently achieve effective cleaning while reducing your environmental impact.

✅ There are several eco-friendly alternatives that you can use instead of a traditional sponge. Here are some great options:

  1. Upcycled Fischnetz with Benefits: These innovative sponges, made from upcycled fishing nets, are highly effective and durable. They provide excellent scouring power and are a sustainable choice that helps reduce plastic waste.
  2. Natural Fiber Cloths: Look for dishcloths made from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, or bamboo. These materials are gentle on surfaces, absorbent, and can be easily washed and reused.
  3. Loofahs or Cellulose sponges are made from natural plant fibers and are biodegradable. They offer a good balance of softness and scrubbing power, making them ideal for various cleaning tasks.
  4. Silicone scrubbers are long-lasting and hygienic alternatives to traditional sponges. They are easy to clean, non-absorbent, and resistant to bacteria growth. However, they may not provide strong scouring power.